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Customer App

The Barber Check In app is built for IOS and Android smart phones. It allows customers to check in to your waiting list from their cell phone. The customer has a pre-filled profile with name, phone and email so they can check in and send their information with one click.


Keeping customers organized can be key to efficiency. Displays and apps show customers in the order they checked in. It's like having a check list of customers but it also records who helped each customer, how long they waited and how long they worked with them.

Text Messages

Text messages allow you to call you customer in if they are waiting outside or shopping while they wait. Having a wait list lets the customer move around stress free, knowing they will called in the order they checked in.


Reports are a valuable tool for the business. You probably know your busy times but do you know the exact wait times for each hour or the exact volumes for each day of the week? Reports give a real picture of your business.

Learn how Barber Check In works for business

The first screen of Barber Check In App shows a list of barbers within 10 miles

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Check In Fast!

Customers can check how many people are in line and get checked in from anywhere near by.

Watch List

Customers can see the watch list to know where they are in line. Customers can plan their visit stress free.

Barber Check In App is built for Apple iPhones to help customers get checked in a their favorite barber shop
Barber Check In App is built for Android Phones to help customers get checked in a their favorite barber shop (This link will not work from a PC. You must use an Android)

Customer App allows quick sign in

Customers love the ability to see how many people are in line before they check in. The app let's the customers check in with just a few clicks and then they can follow your wait list to see where they are in line. The app is free for customers.

Customer Queuing is Faster!

When it comes to business models, there's two ways to serve customers. Scheduling and Queuing. They both have their place with advantages and disadvantages. Queuing allows more customers to flow through the hours of operation using a wait list. Queuing is the first come, first serve model just like restaurants. Scheduling is a set, rigid amount of timeslots and is better for longer appointments where customers may need one to three hours of attention. The down side of scheduling is the limited timeslots and when a customer cancels, that three hours is left open with no business income. Also, if you finish with a customer early, the rest of the time is lost income. With a queuing system, the next person is ready to go as soon as you are done with the first.

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Barber Check In is a 100% free for 90 days! The app is no charge to customers and the backend is free to your business. No credit card needed.

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