Barber Check In is a simple customer queuing and management system specifically designed for barber shops.

Barber Shop
Queuing & Management for Businesses

Customer App

The Barber Check In app is built for IOS and Android smart phones. It allows customers to check in to your waiting list from their cell phone. The customer has a pre-filled profile with name, phone and email so they can check in and send their information with one click.

Customer Kiosk

For those customers that do not have or want the app, the kiosk is a simple solution. Walk-in Customers can sign in using a simple kiosk built using an Apple iPad and a floor stand. Easy touch screens ask for name, phone and email for a 10 second sign in.

Customer List

Live displays keep the entire staff informed as to how many and who is waiting. Using these easy to read displays, staff can acknowledge and check out customers in the proper order from the main computer or from their smart phone.


Keeping customers organized can be key to efficiency. Displays and apps show customers in the order they checked in. One click status changes make it easy for staff to start, assign and track service times of each customer.

How the customer app works

The images below are just an example and not real locations


First screen shows a list of available locations within the area with the company, address and phone number Customer app shows locations within 10 miles of current location


After selecting a location the details of the business, people currently in line and a check in button are shown Customer app shows locations within 10 miles of current location


After clicking check, in the user selects a profile to send including their name, phone and email. Customer app shows locations within 10 miles of current location


The last screen confirms the user is checked in and shows the wait list. This list updates every 30 seconds. Customer app shows locations within 10 miles of current location

How the back end works

The images below are just an example and not real customers
Organized Desktop List

Using a regular PC or tablet, staff can use this view to acknowledge and organize customers as they check in

Clicking Start Cut will ask for the staff name to assign the customer to. A comment can be added such as customer preferences.
Barber Check In shows a complete list of customers waiting and being helped.
All your active customers in one checklist
Customers check in using the free app, sending their name, phone and email. This active list shows customers in order and allows staff to start the cut, assign the customer to a staff member and checkout the customer when finished.

Assign Customers

When staff is ready to serve a customer, click Start Cut and select the staff member. This associates the customer with the staff member, records the start time and removes them from the app wait list.

Keep Notes

When a customer checks in the system automatically pulls up the last note. Use the note or add your own note about the customer's cut preferences or needs.

Marketing Data

When customers check in, they send their name phone and email. This information may be an opportunity for your business to market to your customers.


Not everyone will use the app to check in so the display gives you a way to manually enter a customer. Click the Manual Entry button and add their information.


From the display you can easily send your customer a text message. Just click the telephone icon next to the customer phone number to send a canned or custom message.


Management reports are a great way to see how efficient your business and staff are. Wait times, volumes, per staff stats an much more can be seen with the reports.

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Barber Check In is a 100% free for 90 days! The app is no charge to customers and the backend is free to your business. No credit card needed.

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